Air-Pod Lateral Transfer Mattress System

It is one of the safest and most efficient Transfer and Repositioning Devices in the World.

“The ATM – Airpod Air Transfer Mattress is one of the safest and most efficient patient lateral transfer and repositioning device in the world, with an in-built adaptive and self-regulating technology that comprises of an array of multitudinal air collection, distribution and expulsion chambers, known as PODS, arranged in a precise geometric distribution pattern, that allows for a safe, secure and efficient transfer of a patient on a cushion of air”.

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It is one of the safest and most efficient Transfer and Repositioning Devices in the world.

There is very little manual handling involved

With the use of the ATM – Airpod, the Lateral Transfer Weight of a Patient is approximately 10% of the Patient’s Total Actual Weight.

The PUSH + PULL Forces involved in the Transfer of a Patient are substantially reduced to approximately 10% of the Patient’s Total Weight.

The Only 100% HF Welded Air Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Device in the World

HF (High Frequency) Welding is the process by which Electromagnetic Energy (EE) is used to permanently bond thermoplastic materials together.

This is different from other processes as the desired result is a hermetic cohesive bond between the polymers.
Hermetic = so tightly or perfectly fitting as to exclude the passage of air.

What is the ATM – Airpod?

The ATM – Airpod is a Nursing Aid in the form of a Air Mattress, that is used for Transferring and Repositioning Patients.

It is one of the safest and most efficient Transfer and Repositioning Devices in the world.

There is very little manual handling involved

How does it work?

The ATM – Airpod is a Air Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Device that works in similar fashion to a Hovercraft.

Air is blown into the mattress by the means of an external air supply device
called the Air Blower.

The force of the expulsion of the Air through the perforations located in the base of the Mattress, lifts and raises the mattress off the bed ever so slightly.

The effect of the Air Mattress being raised up, allows for reducing the contact between the Air Mattress and the bed and thereby reducing the friction between the two surfaces.

The Combination of the Adaptive and Self Regulating Air Flow Technologies provides for automatic patient profiling.

The excellent height clearance when inflated combined with the advanced technological features, makes the ATM – Airpod one of the safest, most comfortable and one of the easiest Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Aids to use, in the World.

Advanced Carer and Patient Safety and Security Features incorporating Automatic Built-in Patient Profiling and Size Selection.


  • SWL – Safe Working Load of 500 Kg or 1100 Lbs
  • Completely constructed using HF Welding
  • Anti Static
  • Compatible for use with X Ray and MRI Imaging Equipment
  • With the use of the ATM – Airpod, the Lateral Transfer Weight of a Patient is approximately 10% of the Patient’s Total Actual Weight.
  • Adaptive Air Flow Technology
  • Self Regulating Air Flow Technology
  • Built-in Internal & External Patient Profiling
  • Safe Secure Transfers: Automatic Size Selection
  • Safe & Comfortable: For Carers and Patients


Around 75% of our business is maintaining and servicing specialist medical equipment, ensuring that everything we provide is working as it should, so nothing impedes what the customer has come to rely upon.

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