Aurum Acute Bariatric Bed

The Aurum Bariatric bed is a hospital bed that has been specifically designed for size, strength and practicality. Key features of the Aurum bed such as width adjustment, optional integrated weighing scales and adjustable safety rails provide a safe environment within which to improve the moving and handling of larger patients up to 413kg (65st).

The four-section, fully profiling mattress platform has a width adjustment feature allowing the bed to be transported as a standard sized bed at 915mm (36″) and will therefore fit into lifts and through the majority of doorways. It also means that it can accommodate wider patients by extending the mattress platform to 1120mm (48″)

The Aurum Bariatric bed is compliant with the latest EN60601/2/52 medical standard. Of all the bariatric beds available, the Aurum expandable bariatric hospital bed is one of the simplest to use.

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The mattress platform on the Aurum bariatric bed can be adjusted with easy to use ‘pull down’ levers located underneath the mattress platform on either side. The platform is fully profiling and powered by strong electric actuators which  enables the bariatric bed to cope with loads of up to 413kg (65st).

The headboard of the Aurum bariatric bed can also be extended at a push of a button. This lessens the gap between the safety rails and the headboard to minimise the risk of entrapment. Of all the bariatric beds available, the aurum expandable bariatric hospital bed is one of the simplest to use and is available with integral weighing scales.


Features Benefits
Width adjustable mattress platform from 915mm (36″) to 1220mm (48″) Easy transportation at 36″ and greater versatility being able to accommodate different bariatric body shapes.
413kg (65st) SWL Can be used with even the largest of patients.
Full electric operation Greatly reduces risk of injury to carer.
Emergency backup battery Bed can be used in the event of a mains power failure.
Removable/adjustable safety rails Greater access to patient, easier storage, easy cleaning.
Detachable head and foot boards Greater access to patient, easier storage, easy cleaning.
Carer control with lock-out function Carers can restrict patient control on the beds functions.
Epoxy coated finish Easier cleaning, greater infection control.
Emergency CPR and Trendelenburg functions Reduces time taken to move patient to emergency positions.
Central braking system Easy access to brakes from either side of the bed.
Up to 150mm (6”) length extension Caters for taller patients.
Rubberised bump wheels Takes the impact from knocks when transporting the bed, reducing damage to bed.
Available with integral scales Accurate patient weighing up to 413kg (65st).


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