The Bari-suit, a bariatric training suit, which will help nursing staff develop the specific skills required to safely and effectively manage bariatric patients, by allowing them to practice techniques using realistic scenarios within a safe environment.

Designed to be worn by nursing staff during training sessions the bari-suit comprises of 3 realistic body sections (arms, torso and legs) which allow the wearer to experience first-hand the mobility restrictions an obese patient faces on a daily basis, whilst providing their colleagues with a pseudo bariatric patient to practise moving and handling techniques without endangering themselves.

The bari-suit mimics the proportions, shape and movement of a bariatric patient ensuring that it is particularly useful for staff training of patient transfers and correct use of moving and handling equipment.

  • can alternate between 2 different shapes
  • simulates the challenges faced by bariatric patients
  • filled with a mixture of beads and padding

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Features Benefits
Simulates the proportions, size and shape of a bariatric patient Allows staff to practise and develop vital skills in the management of obese patients without facing the multiple weight related risks.
Realistic weight distribution Assists staff training of patient transfers and correct use of moving and handling equipment.
One size fits all All staff can experience bariatric moving and handling from a patients perspective.
Machine washable Ensures it can be efficiently cleaned between uses.


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