Bariatric Commode/Transfer Chair

This Bariatric Commode/Transfer Chair can be used as both a commode and a transfer chair, making it extremely versatile and with a low seat height of 17″ it can be used for a range of different patients.

The commode has been designed to fit even the largest of Bariatric patients with a load capacity of 400kg and a seat width of 28″ or 31″. Made with a steel frame, it has four strong braked castors to ensure stability whist in use as well as a removable seat and backrest for easy cleaning.

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  • 400kg (63st) swl
  • 711mm or 787mm (28” or 31″) & seat width
  • Padded Seat with Back
  • foot rests


Features Benefits
400kg (60st) safe working load Designed to support the heaviest of patients
28″ or 31″ (711mm or 787mm) seat width Wide enough for bariatric patients
Adjustable ‘pram handles’ Ensure carer best positioning when pushing patient
Strong footplate To provide support for the patient
Padded seat and back For extra comfort for the patient
17″ (413mm) low seat height Greater ingress and egress for shorter patients


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