Bariatric Folding Wheelchair

Our range of folding wheelchairs consists of a variety of transit and self-propelled wheelchairs which are available with seat widths and depths to accommodate most applications. Available with safe working loads from 159kg (25st) up to 318kg (50st).

Front and back seat supports use telescopic guides to ensure the seated area is guided to its supports. Built in strengthening and, in particular, bracing to reduce the possibility of twisting of the frame with a minimum of moving parts to ensure a user friendly wheelchair.

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  • T100W – 267kg (42st) swl, 660mm or 711mm, (26” or 28”) seat width
  • T300W – 210kg (33st) swl, 610mm (24”) seat width
  • T400W – 254kg (40st) swl, 711mm (28”) seat width
  • T500W – 320kg (50st) swl, 762mm (30”) seat width


Features Benefits
Folding Easy storage, transportation.
Self propelling wheels No need for carer to push if the patient is able. Greater patient independence.
Removable, adjustable footplates Allows for patients of varying size or for amputees.
Detachable arms Easy side transfers.
Padded arm rests Added comfort for patients.
Removable seat and back cushions Easy transport, cleaning and storage.
Built in strengthening and bracing Reduces possibility of twisting of the frame.
Various weight limits available 159kg (25st), 210kg (33st), 254kg (40st) and 318kg (50st) chairs available with various seat widths and options to tailor the chair to individual patients needs.


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