Bath Seats

Abbey Medicare Bath Seats is a well established bath seat manufactured from ABS plastic, making it simple to install, maintain and use in both acrylic and cast iron baths. The Abbey Medicare Bath Seat is secured with four purpose made suction caps, each of which has an internal flap to easily break the suction and remove the seat for cleaning. Available in 6″ and 8″ heights.

  • 190kg (30 stone) weight limit
  • Suitable for acrylic steel and cast iron
  • Suitable for steam and autocleave cleaning
  • Textured surface for increased grip with rubber grips for extra safety
  • Attractive design, easy to clean

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VR111 VR112
Depth (mm) 154 203
Height (mm) 195 195
Width (mm) 400 400
Product Dimensions (mm) 195x400x170
Net weight (kg) 1.3 1.52
Colour White White
Packing Picture Boxed
Size Height: 154 mm (6″) Height: 203 mm (8″)


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