Shower & Toileting Chair Range

The Abbey Medicare range Shower and Toileting Chair Range provides a rigid one piece base frame with modular elements to allow easy replacement of components to suit the users changing needs. Seats, armrests and footrests which are interchangeable.

The chair also features a wide range of accessories.  The coated frame features an anti-microbial element which is proven to destroy 99.9% of harmful bugs including MRSA.

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  • Safe working load 200kg (31st) (440lb) – Bariatric bench has a safe working load of 55st
  • Perfectly proportioned to suit the Clos-o-mat Palma Vita, including level seat and pram handle backrest
  • Skirted seat provided as standard
  • The chair features a rigid one piece base frame.
  • Removable armrests and footrests swing away to aid transfer.
  • Several footrest options are available, each is height adjustable to ensure that the user is in a comfortable position.
  • Seats are available as flat padded, full ring aperture, horseshoe or side access with a range of aperture sizes to suit the user.
  • Options extended seats and pressure relief foam.
  • Can be used over a toilet or provided with a commode pan and cradle.
  • Self propelled models can be provided with 20″, 22″ or 24″ wheels.
  • Attendant propelled models are provided with four braked castors, directional locking castor available on request.
  • Bench can be used over a toilet, in a shower or as a bedside commode with the addition of a commode pan and support.


Around 75% of our business is maintaining and servicing specialist medical equipment, ensuring that everything we provide is working as it should, so nothing impedes what the customer has come to rely upon.

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