Lotus Plus Size Stand Aid

The Lotus is an active stand-up aid, for people who can still stand alone and have enough body stability but can not walk or walk hard.  The caregiver can safely and effectively move the person with limitation after placing them on the Lotus.

The Lotus is intended for short transfers, for example, from the bed to the toilet.  Because the person with limitation takes an active seat position, less power is needed to get back into position.


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For the person with a limitation and for the caregiver, the comfort is optimal.  The Lotus is equipped with rotating seat parts, flexible lower leg supports and an adjustable chassis.

The adjustable chassis allows the Lotus to be driven close to the person with limitation, which makes it easy for them to stand.  The Lotus encourages the person with disabilities to be more active and help with transfers.

  • Maximum load 200 kg / 440 lbs.
  • Frame width 68 cm / 26.8 inch narrow position, 95 cm / 37.4 inch with base spread out.
  • Depth 98 cm / 38.6 inch.
  • Comfortable lower leg support.
  • Rotating seat parts.
  • Mechanical base spreading.
  • Variable grips.
  • Ideal sitting angle.
  • Hand grip for easy manoeuvring.
  • Swivel bearings.
  • Solid footplate.
  • Two plastic castors, fitted with brakes


Around 75% of our business is maintaining and servicing specialist medical equipment, ensuring that everything we provide is working as it should, so nothing impedes what the customer has come to rely upon.

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