Tango Plus Size Shower & Toilet Chair

The Tango XXL is a shower-toilet chair providing bariatric client/resident care in a responsible manner. Tango XXL can be used as a shower chair as well as a toilet chair that can be wheeled over the toilet and provides optimum comfort for the caregiver as well as the client.

Tango XXL shower toilet chair has extra seat width and depth and the attractive design makes chair a nice looking and user-friendly product caring for bariatric clients.

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Tango XXL chair offers ergonomic shaped backrest and seat that provide comfort and security to the user. The Tango shower toilet chair comes with large comfortable footrests with calf support that can be swiveled or removed because of that it is easy to sit down or stand up.

  • Load: 300 kg / 661 lbs
  • Own Weight: 30,5 kg / 67 lbs
  • Seat height: 51 cm / 20 inch
  • Seat width: 70,3 cm / 27,7 inch
  • Seat depth: 60 cm / 23,5 inch
  • 3 plastic castors fitted with brakes.
  • 1 direction Wheel.
  • Rail for bedpan or toilet bucket.
  • Folding and extended armrests
  • In 2 part seat with toilet opening.


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