Wispa 100 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoist Range

Wispa – the name synonymous with safe moving and handling for over 20 years, introduces the 100 Plus. The hand control has light touch pneumatic buttons creating a safe operating system, ideal for bathing, and incorporates colour coded buttons which correspond to coloured arrows on the hoist to give clear indication of the direction of travel.

The 100 Plus is available in manual or powered traverse models, complete with a choice of power supply (rechargeable battery or mains connected) to suit both track length and room layout.

A range of ceiling mounted hoists which has combined the simplicity of the popular 100 Series with a new, aesthetically pleasing design and added safety features ideal for home or care environments. Each model ensures controlled transfer from the bed, chair, floor, toilet or bath at the touch of a button.

Our range of ceiling mounted hoists are designed to allow clients more freedom at  home. The hoists aid allow for greater mobility for clients in the home and allow carers greater access to the client.

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  • Wispa Plus 100 Series lifts up to 130 kg (20 stone) 293 lb and 190 kg (29 stone)
  • Safe, controlled transfer from the bed, wheelchair or floor
  • ​Freewheel, powered traverse and X-Y option for complete room coverage, models compatible with powered and manual turntables
  • ​Battery or transformer (mains) power options (mains powered option have no batteries to recharge and are ideal for track spans of up to 3 meters in length)
  • ​Simple to recharge – charge unit supplied
  • Clear, bright hand control – soft touch colour-coded handset
  • ​Compatible with Chiltern Invadex Universal, Toileting, MD and Hammock slings
  • ​Emergency stop and emergency lowering
  • ​Visual and audible low battery warnings
  • ​Slack tape safety feature as standard
  • ​All models comply with the Medical Device Directive and BS EN10535
  • ​New style low profile carry bar with full rotation action


Around 75% of our business is maintaining and servicing specialist medical equipment, ensuring that everything we provide is working as it should, so nothing impedes what the customer has come to rely upon.

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