Wispa 300 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoist Range

One unique range, six different model options. Each intelligently designed to suit both client and carer. Introducing the Wispa hoist range, the safe, powerful solution to moving and handling, with enhanced performance features as standard.

Aesthetically designed, the Wispa 300 provides a neat and unobtrusive system, for controlled transfer from the bed, wheelchair or floor.

The Flexible design also means the Wispa range can be easily connected to the ceiling, or to a free standing unit (subject to site survey).

Wispa Hoists fit almost anywhere, even into confined spaces such as multi-bed hospital wards, where limited space may hinder the use of a mobile hoist or can be used at home as part of a clients daily living aids package, where a portable hoist is not suitable due to the clients condition. ​

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Maximum Load

200 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoist range lifts up to 200 kg (31 stone) (440 lb) 300 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoist range lifts up to 272 kg (42 stone) (598 lb)

Reliability testing

– The 200/300 Series hoist has been tested to the durability section of British Standard ISO10535 with thousands of continuous lift and lower tests

A host of safety features:

  • Emergency Stop
  • Emergency Lowering Facility – Operated by depressing a plastic tube, conveniently located on the underside of the hoist for easy access.
  • Unlike some hoists the 200/300 range has a separate emergency lowering battery in addition to the main battery. so the emergency lowering facility is always ready to use
  • ​The aesthetically designed cover is securely retained by a tamper proof screw for added safety
  • ​200 Series lifts up to 200 kg (31 stone) 440 lb
  • ​300 Series lifts up to 272 kg (42 stone) 598 lb
  • ​Safe, controlled transfer from the bed, wheelchair or floor
  • Options to suit the client, carer and conditions needs
  • ​Freewheel, powered traverse or X-Y options for complete room coverage​
  • ​​Soft start/stop – for controlled movement and positioning
  • ​Simple to recharge
  • ​Long intervals before recharging – in excess of 250 consecutive lifts of 75 kg before a low battery warning


Around 75% of our business is maintaining and servicing specialist medical equipment, ensuring that everything we provide is working as it should, so nothing impedes what the customer has come to rely upon.

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