Procurement Managers

We care because you care about good value

  • Need 20 bespoke beds for a new respiratory ward? Consider it done.
  • Want a dozen easy access baths for a consortium of care homes? No problem.
  • How about a suite of Intensive Care Chairs for an ICU unit upgrade?

We have your every need covered with our extensive range of Healthcare Equipment Solutions.

Whether you choose to buy or rent the equipment, we will take care of it from the point of purchase/initial rental, during installation and we will stand over it for the life of the product.

That is how confident we are in the quality of our products.

We have been working with NHS Procurement Managers for many years, providing high quality solutions at a low cost, making your patients’ lives a little easier and your job a little easier.


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Around 75% of our business is maintaining and servicing specialist medical equipment, ensuring that everything we provide is working as it should, so nothing impedes what the customer has come to rely upon.